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Startup Grind is the largest independent startup community, actively educating, inspiring, and connecting 1,000,000 entrepreneurs in over 250 cities.  We nurture startup ecosystems in 105 countries through events, media, and partnerships with organizations like Google for Entrepreneurs.

We are hosting a conference in Silicon Valley on the 12-14 Feb 2018 - come meet 6000 other entrepreneurs, 300 startups and over 100 investors over 3 life-changing days.

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Jun 29, 2015

Today we have Mary Grove who is the Director of Google for Entrepreneurs. Google for Entrepreneurs is really leading the effort to support startups and entrepreneurs in more than 120 countries around the world. 


Mary is passionate about building community and has worked with groups of entrepreneurs in Pakistan, Iraq,...

Jun 24, 2015

Today we have one of my favorite startup grind talks even though it’s less technically focused than some of our others. It’s an interview with Chris Johnson the inventor of the rapid ramen cooker and ceo of the rapid brands group which has now gone on to create several more products and ship millions and millions of...

Jun 22, 2015

Today we have Jeff Cruttenden Co-Founder and COO of the investing app Acorns. While earning his degree in mathematics from lewis and clark college, Jeff was perplexed by how few college students knew how to invest and more importantly how few had the funds to do so Jeff and his dad Walter Cruttenden, an investment...

Jun 17, 2015

Today we have Charles Hudson partner at SofttechVC. Charles has multiple degrees from stanford in business, economics, and spanish. He spent a fews years investing in companies for the Central Intelligence Agency (which is probably one of the coolest things ever). After that he founded an android based mobile games...

Jun 15, 2015

Hey there and welcome to monday’s episode of the startup grind podcast. Today we have an awesome interview between sequoia partner brian schreier and Marco Zappacosta the founder and ceo of thumbtack.



Thumbtack has been taking the “have other people do stuff for you” space by storm recently with hundreds of...