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Jul 25, 2016

Noah Everett, founder of the popular Twitpic photo sharing service and most recently the messaging platform Pingly. 

Everett, a Carolina native is widely known as a pioneer of photo sharing on mobile phones and social media. Newly launched Pingly is a direct messaging platform that also works over email and SMS. His goal is to transform messaging into a simplistic and cohesive process that speaks across networks.

Before launching Pingly, Noah was most recently Founder and CEO of TwitPic. What started as a side project quickly turned into one of the largest photo sharing apps of its time, gaining over 30 million users which included many celebrities and politicians. In 2009 the young entrepreneur moved to Charleston, South Carolina just as his site began growing exponentially. TwitPic became one of the largest photo-sharing services on Twitter and was acquired by Twitter in late 2014.

Lets listen into Noah Everett interviewed in South Carolina by Director Jeremy Berman.