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In this amazing conversation from this year’s Startup Grind Conference, Tagged CEO Greg Tseng spoke with his long-time mentor Reid Hoffman, a partner at Greylock and cofounder of LinkedIn. The two discussed survival in the startup world and keys to being a successful entrepreneur.

Reid and Greg also talk about the importance of flexibility and being willing to make changes early on, and their belief that launching a company is something that founders have to feel internally motivated by and passionate about. That way, Reid explains, ”if it fails, it’ll still be a good experience."

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Leah Busque is the founder of, a trailblazer in service networking. Now an industry-wide concept, service networking describes the productive power of a web-based, social-networked community. Since its founding in 2008, Leah has grown the company to more than 50 employees and has expanded the service to Austin, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Orange County, San Antonio, and San Francisco.

Prior to founding TaskRabbit, Leah was a Software Engineer at IBM, working in the Messaging and Collaboration Software Development group. A rare blend of product talent and business savvy, Leah was recently named one of the “100 Most Creative People In Business” by Fast Company and one of the “15 Women To Watch In 2012” by Inc Magazine.

In this episode, Leah discusses the all important question of funding, and her thoughts on how to decide when and what kind of funding to take. Her interviewer is Perri Blake Gorman, the founder of

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Mike Abbott joined Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers as a partner in 2011, focusing on helping entrepreneurs in the social, mobile and cloud computing sectors rapidly scale teams and ventures. He is an expert on enterprise infrastructure, cloud computing and “big data.” 

An engineer, investor and entrepreneur, Mike led the building of innovative, high-performance applications and services at Twitter, Palm and Microsoft. Formerly the vice president of engineering at Twitter, Mike led the team to rebuild and solidify Twitter’s infrastructure, growing the engineering team from 80 to more than 350 engineers in less than a year and a half, and scaling Twitter’s architecture to support 250 million daily tweets.

In this talk, Mike discusses his early life experiences with meeting Steve Jobs and how that inspired his career, as well as choosing the right investors for your business.

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Richard Raddon, the co-founder of ZEFR, knows great content, having begun his career as an assistant to the late writer/director/producer John Hughes in Chicago. 

Rich is responsible for leading ZEFR’s overall strategy and operations, as well as overseeing the content and distribution strategy and partnerships with Hollywood studios. He is a Co-Founder of Movieclips, Inc., a subsidiary of ZEFR, Inc. Prior to ZEFR, Rich served as the director of the Los Angeles Film Festival from 2000 to 2009. During his tenure, the LA Film Festival grew into a nationally recognized top tier film industry event. Rich is a graduate of Brigham Young University.

In this talk, Rich discusses how to create a thriving culture in your company, and the critical role that culture plays in a successful business. 


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Megan Smith is the Vice President of Google[x]. She oversees teams that manage early-stage partnerships, pilot explorations, and technology licensing working closely with Google's engineering and product teams globally. She joined Google in 2003 and has led several of the company's acquisitions, including Keyhole (Google Earth), Where2Tech (Google Maps) and Picasa.

Over the years, Megan has contributed to a wide range of engineering projects, such as designing an award-winning bicycle lock, working on a space station construction research project that eventually flew on the U.S. space shuttle, and running a field-research study on solar cookstoves in South America. She was also a member of the MIT student team that designed, built, and raced a solar car in the first cross-continental solar car race, covering 2000 miles of the Australian outback.

Megan holds a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in mechanical engineering from MIT, where she now serves on the board. She completed her master's thesis work at the MIT Media Lab.

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Gary Vaynerchuk is living the American dream. A onetime baseball card seller, he has embraced the marketing potential of the Web 2.0 platform to transform Wine Library into a $60 Million annual business.

As co-founder and CEO of VaynerMedia, Gary is a living master class on how to turn dedicated entrepreneurial spirit into popular success. In addition to a massively popular videocast, he has appeared on Ellen and Late Night with Conan O'Brien, and boasts half as many Twitter followers as President Barack Obama. In this talk, he discusses his entreprenurial theory and spirit, how to effectively leverage social media for your business, his picks for successful Web 2.0 businesses, and why doing your own homework is much more valuable than any advice others can give you.

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George Zachary led Charles River Venture’s early stage investments in Twitter, Yammer, Udacity, Pebble, CloudShare and many others. In addition, he led that firm's investment in Metaplace (acquired by Disney/ Playdom) and in Jambool (acquired by Google) and has sponsored many seed investments through their industry leading seed program.

George joined Charles River in 2004, bringing more than 20 years of operating and investing experience in computing and consumer technology. George’s focus is on building consumer internet and infrastructure companies.

In this discussion, George talks about how to follow your best advisor: your own gut.

Christian Jacobs, also known as the MC Bat Commander,  is the lead singer and leader of The Aquabats and the creator of the hit Nickolodeon show Yo Gabba Gabba. He has no real super powers, except the power of leadership. He may not show it all the time, but he cares about his team and about helping the innocent. 

In this talk, Christian discusses dealing with rejection to perservere and attain your dreams, as well as how to inspire creativity in yourself and your team. 

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In 1992, Eugene Stoltzfus founded Rosetta Stone along with his brother Allen Stoltzfus, Dr. John Fairfield, and Greg Kiem in 1992. Since then Rosetta Stone has become one of biggest sellers of language learning software in the world and is a publicly traded company.

In this exclusive fireside chat with Eugene we discuss the founding days of Rosetta Stone, the trials and tribulations of the company before going IPO, and taking over the world of language learning. You don't want to miss this very rare chat with this legendary DC area startup founder. This interview was conducted by Startup Grind DC chapter director Brian Parks. 

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