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Today we have Mary Grove who is the Director of Google for Entrepreneurs. Google for Entrepreneurs is really leading the effort to support startups and entrepreneurs in more than 120 countries around the world. 


Mary is passionate about building community and has worked with groups of entrepreneurs in Pakistan, Iraq, Gaza, and Afghanistan, and previously led numerous international partnerships for Google. Mary earned her BA and MA from Stanford University and sits on the Alumni Association Board of Directors. She serves on the Board of UP Global and is the cofounder of Silicon North Stars. 


Mary Grove is interviewed in San Francisco by Startup Grind CEO Derek Anderson.  


This interview focused on how Google for Entrepreneurs is expanding startups to bring communities together through its various aspects such as its campuses across the globe, its demo days, its partnerships and many more. 

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Today we have one of my favorite startup grind talks even though it’s less technically focused than some of our others. It’s an interview with Chris Johnson the inventor of the rapid ramen cooker and ceo of the rapid brands group which has now gone on to create several more products and ship millions and millions of units in thousands of stores across the country. Chris and is product were also featured on Shark tank in which he was able to get Mark cuban to come back in on a deal which at the time was a shark tank first. 



Chris is an incredibly motivated and persistent entrepreneur and i learned a lot listening to him. Hope you will to. Here’s the inventor of the rapid ramen interview in Sacramento by chapter director rich foreman. 

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Today we have Jeff Cruttenden Co-Founder and COO of the investing app Acorns. While earning his degree in mathematics from lewis and clark college, Jeff was perplexed by how few college students knew how to invest and more importantly how few had the funds to do so Jeff and his dad Walter Cruttenden, an investment banker founded Acorns in attempt to solve both of these problems. Like an acorn grows into an oak tree, you can see how spare change adds up overtime into a sizeable investment. Jeff is interviewed by Startup Grind's Orange County chapter co-director Dru Blake. 

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Today we have Charles Hudson partner at SofttechVC. Charles has multiple degrees from stanford in business, economics, and spanish. He spent a fews years investing in companies for the Central Intelligence Agency (which is probably one of the coolest things ever). After that he founded an android based mobile games company and now leads mobile and games investing for Softtech.

Charles is interviewed in silicon valley by Startup Grinds former LA chapter director Sam Osborne. 

 This is an awesome interview for any founder but especially those looking at any type of mobile first app. 


Hope you learn a lot and enjoy lets listen in. 

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Hey there and welcome to monday’s episode of the startup grind podcast. Today we have an awesome interview between sequoia partner brian schreier and Marco Zappacosta the founder and ceo of thumbtack.



Thumbtack has been taking the “have other people do stuff for you” space by storm recently with hundreds of millions raised from partners like Sequoia capital and Google Capital. 

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Today we have a really interesting chat with Reshma Saujani the founder of the tech initiative girls who code. Reshma is a former lawyer and politican. Previously serving as the deputy public advocate at the office of the new york city public advocate. 


Girls who code is an organization offerering 100% free coding education to high school aged girls. it’s work has been praised by the white house, top tech companies, oprah and many more prestigious stakeholder groups. 


Reshma is interviewed by startup grind’s new york city chapter director peter crysdale. 

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Today we have an interview with one of the most respected growth hackers around. Justin Mares, is most recently the co-author of the book traction, along with fellow startup grind speaker and duck duck go search engine founder gabriel weinberg. Prior to penning traction mares was the DRO at exceptional cloud services and before that; founder of roommate fit. 



Justin speaks with our Startup Grind Ottawa director Franco Variiano about his entrepreneurial journey and the most important thing founders are oddly not thinking enough about 

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Sarah Drinkwater is the head of Campus London, Google's first physical hub for startups, providing work and event space, mentorship and education programs, as well as access to a vibrant startup community.

Prior to Campus, Sarah led a global team of community managers around Google Maps, inspiring local experts to contribute their knowledge to the review platform, while also launching Campus for Mums in the UK as a volunteer project. Before Google, she ran the UK wing of European review site Qype, consulted on social media for household name brands and was a features journalist for UK magazines and newspapers.

Sarah mentors social impact entrepreneurs through Bethnal Green Ventures and female founders through Entrepreneur Academy.

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Justin Kan is an internet entrepreneur. He is best known for founding Kiko, the first AJAX web calendar;, a live video streaming platform; Socialcam, a mobile video sharing app (acquired for $60mm by Autodesk in 2012); Twitch, a video game streaming platform (acquired by Amazon for $970mm in 2014); and Exec, an on demand maid service (acquired by Handybook in 2014). He is currently a partner at the seed fund Y Combinator.


He graduated from Yale University with a degree in Physics and Philosophy.

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